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Le 20/03/13 21:20, Edouard Olszewski a écrit :

Good morning! I’m back from Krakow!

Hello, I hope you have been doing well! So…. It s been tough yesterday and today to go through 554 blog posts and retain the essential from last week… But WOW! What a week!
I had a tough time retaining the essential but there it is.
I barely recommend one in particular, they all are stunning in their own way and I believe there is material to please every sensibility in there.

Just make absolutely sure you check the first underwater link if you don t have that much time!

I hope you will find it interesting!

Fashion editorial photography

Probably now ranking number 1 for my favourite editorial shooting this year. Frankly, I usually think that underwater photography looks lame and kitschy… But that… That was before seeing that one:
Douglas Friedman Captures Underwater Style for Vogue Italia March 2013

Bringing lighting to the haute couture level of craftsmanship:
Emilia Shines in Plaza Magazine by Fredrik Wannerstedt

And a funny one in Peru
Valentina Zelyaeva Heads to Peru for Elle Mexico March 2013 by Alexander Neumann


ASX EXHIBIT: Jamel Shabazz – “Back in the Days†(1980′s)

Long run project finally being uncovered. The waiting was not in vain!
Documenting the Life of Train

Not her first project on that overweight topic, but still visually very pertinent:
Haley Morris-Cafiero’s Self-Portraits Expose Passersby Reactions to Her Weight

Stunning volcano photos:
Sakurajima Volcano Photography

A must see photo book for Cuba lovers:
Book Review: Cuba

Fine arts:

Talking about the city being a jungle:
Samuel Guigues. Nature humaine

Animated Lake Michigan Ice Floes Captured by Dave Gorum


Feather sculptures:
Kate MccGwire

Spirits in the city:
139: Thomas Bouquin

And if you ask me how did Krakow feel like?
Answer here two shots from my http://www.behance.net/gallery/60-Hours-KRAKOW/7700101



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