03.20.13 digest – revolution in your digest

Good morning!

Time for improvement! For the last couple of weeks I have been reflecting on the fact that the same blogs very often came back quoted in the digest. Reason is that some are very very good ones ( I’m thinking about calikartel, fashion gone rogue, ignant, conscientious, feature shoot… Etc.). But it also makes the whole thing redundant.

So I made my homework and added more than 40 new blogs in my roll. Mostly focus on fine arts, they should theoretically bring some fresh air in your daily mail. Most of them are well established blogs that I read for a couple of years now (lpv just to quote one…) but some are brand new and should be tested. So it s a big one today!

All in all I hope you will appreciate this new step!

My picks today?
Mrs de Middel, the open call “fauna”.

A German island, home to the worse viruses and bacteria to be visited:

Bertien van Manen

Stunning fine arts work:
Swiss photography duo wins € 20.000 prize

National Geographic Exposes Some of its Obscure Photographs with “Nat Geo Found”

How to really stay in contact with your family through distance thanks to the Internet:
The Family Photograph in a Globalized World

Chateau despair on visual culture blog depicting the abandoned Conservative party building in London
Chateau Despair by Lisa Barnard
Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/VisualCultureBlog/~3/g-VsLhQJSuI/

And one last excellent post about mrs de Middel, one of my all time favourite
A Conversation with Cristina De Middel

About her project on the abandoned African space travel program



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