03.25.13 digest introduces you to two disturbing photo books and more.

Good morning! Today, 2 AAA books an exhibition and an original photo project about the sense of home. My picks? Definitively have a look at BRUTAL and HEAVY HAND, SUNKEN SPIRIT: MEXICO AT WAR Book Review:

Brutal on Photo-eye blog


“Brutal by Michat Tuczak is a book like many other books; it tries to tell the story of a place and its people. It is a documentary. All the photos in Brutalare of the Katowice Station in Katowice, Poland and of the people who make their way there to take the train into other cities for work and leisure.” Earlier review of this book is available on Conscientious: Review: Brutal by Michal Luczak Talking about CONSCIENTIOUS: Raoul Ries “For his project Postcards from Ameryka photographer Raoul Ries visited 15 locations called Amerika, Americká or Ameryka in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic”


“In 2012, I decided to visit 15 places called Amerika, Americká or Ameryka in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Czech Republic.The name and history of the Amerykas speak of homesteading and yearning for a better future, of success and failed dreams, of hardship and the pursuit of happiness. The first immigrants arrived in places now known as Ameryka after the late 18th century, when political reforms made land ownership possible for serfs and leaseholders. Unclaimed land was only available in remote and barren areas. Settlers accepting the challenges compared themselves to the pioneers of the US American prairies. Ameryka signified remoteness and possibilities. Success was hard to achieve, and in many communities workers emigrated to the US. The residents who stayed behind called their villages Ameryka, thus arriving instantly at the destination of their dreams. The cars, horses, houses, paths and empty spaces in ‘Postcards from Ameryka’ allude to the search of an acceptable place to call home”. While ASX offers you a few Helmut Newton shots for his exhibition review:


EXHIBITION REVIEW – ROME: Helmut Newton – “White Women / Sleepless Nights / Big Nudes” (2013)



This Week In Photography Books – David Rochkind offers “Incredible photographs of a story most would rather forget.” HEAVY HAND, SUNKEN SPIRIT: MEXICO AT WAR This book just seems terrific! I hope you enjoyed your week-end and well… Only four days to go for this one coming! http://www.art-eo.com

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