03.26.13 digest is mostly a fine arts one today.

Good morning!

Antidote magazine is about to hit the market? Have a look at it! just sayin’
Barbara Palvin, Daphne Groeneveld, Catherine McNeil, Frida Gustavsson and Others Cover Antidote S/S 2013

Catherine Balet. Strangers in the light is to photography what the excellent “black mirrors” is to tv series: an intelligent analysis of our relationship with our mobile devices (says the one writing those lines from a tablet…), dependency and the way it shapes our vision. Well, take this concept and translate it into visual artistic terms and you will get what “strangers in the light” is about.

I am opening a parenthesis to share a some ideas currently bubbling in the theoretical spheres. I read an article recently (I need to retrieve the article) about football and how strategies on the field evolved with time along with camera technologies over the last 50 years.
They were saying that players in the like of Platini discovered football through tv and very large angles covering most of the pit, thus giving a bigger picture of the strategic endeavours.
Most recent technologies allow for filming impressive close-ups, giving a micro (vs. macro) vision of the game. The author was explaining that this shift within the representation modes was actually shaping the vision of newcomers, much more interested in learning tricks with the ball, dribbles, than to use the entire playing space. Try it yourself by comparing legendary vintage games and the last UEFA games!

Well, Catherine Balet helps us to reflect on this problematic and where it could lead us.

After Lights Out somehow reminds me a bit of Gregory Crewdson cinematic scenes
I find the photos very atmospheric and… I like the mood.

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