03.27.13 digest – waiting for the temperature to rise a tiny bit

Good morning,

I prepared a green & brown digest today with the hope of reminding you that it actually is Spring outside… However, if you feel like you did not have enough of the black and white colors this winter and feeling empathic with our British neighbours currently being buried under a wall of snow… Then jump directly to the last item about Anders Petersen’s SOHO

If you see a tree on the below photo, you d better read this article on RAW FILE
The Arting Life | Cellphone Towers Disguised as Trees Are a Puzzling Attempt at Aesthetics

“In certain cases the disguised towers might not be noticed,” says Marsh. “But then an undisguised tower might not have been noticed either.”

While the British Journal of Photography announces a new start with a new owner and new strategies, but also comments on this meaningful entry at the World Press Photo contest:
World Press Photo judges discuss emotion and content in winning images

“Among the gruesome scenes of death and violence that featured strongly in this year’s winning images, one image stood out as a symbol of hope – an image of an African woman in a trash tip reading a book. Gemma Padley speaks to members of the jury to hear which images resonated strongly for them”.

Adam Neese, The Place We Would Meet at Midnight at FLAK PHOTO:
Adam Neese (b. 1985, Longmont, Colorado) was raised in Grapevine, Texas, halfway between Dallas and Fort Worth. His most recent photographic project A Known World investigates his memories and personal history in the landscape of North Texas.

And a small insight on SOHO available as a book (buzzing pretty loud on the photography blogs last year) and worth having a closer look.
Anders Petersen. Soho on PHOTOGRAPHY.COM



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