03.28.13 digest – meet Ali the #streetfashion blogger

Good morning!

Today’s pick is Ali fashion blog, I strongly recommend them all though, without exception!


Triple A reportage in China spotted on FEATURE SHOOT
Check there or be square!
Surreal Photographs of Life in China’s Most Industrialized Cities

A thick layer of grey ash covers the road leading to an industrial site. The air in the city is acrid and dense. Industrial plants and factories loom out of the haze and disappear once more as one travels beyond the city. Further into the mountains there are sounds of explosions as workers use dynamite to extract limestone for the steel plants. In another valley, not too far away, miners go deep into a pit shaft in the early hours of the morning.—Ian Teh


Altered Statesreminds me of a fine arts version of INFRA from Richard Mosse and the work from Anni Leppala. So, make the jump on IGNANT and see more…


Isabeli Fontana Rocks Glamorous Style for Morena Rosa Fall 2013 Campaign on FASHION GONE ROGUE (of course)
This one did not make it easy for me to pick a photo to attract your attention… Isabeli Fontana’s rock edge is completely enhanced by a “haute couture” lighting, but not in the classic way. Here the whole set seems loosy but yet totally under control and the unusual ambient light, showing this classy, rainy, urban environment completes the scene. Thumb up!

Day and NightIsabeli Fontana is tapped for the fall 2013 campaign from Brazilian label Morena Rosa. The brunette bombshell struts the streets in a mix of fur, lace, animal prints and studded detailing.

Finally, make sure to check the hilarious and completely fancy blog about Ali. It will make your day 🙂



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