04.02.13 digest is both #heavymetal and #thoughtful

Good morning,

There were not that many entries during this 4 days long week end. I ll therefore keep it concise with a fashion editorial, some nice classroom photos and a debate on the very nature of photography.


Chloe Nørgaard Rocks Gravure Magazine in Metal Glam by David Bellemere
Heavy Metal – Lensed by David Bellemere, model Chloe Nørgaard poses as a heavy metal vixen for Gravure Magazine

Spotted in the photo blog MADAME LE FIGARO: In the classroom avec Julian Germain – Photo Sensible

“Omar Bin Alkahabab Science Secondary School for Boys, Doha, Qatar. Grade 10, Religion. March 13th, 2007”

While Fototazo proposes you interesting clues for Considering a Photograph:

“What information should we consider while analyzing an image? Should we be using the same information in different contexts of interpretation? What types of contextual information impact the meaning of an image? Does meaning depend on who’s looking at it? How should unseen contextual information surrounding the creation of an image change our reading of an image as this information becomes known to us?”

So… Welcome back and enjoy!


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