04.04.13 digest shows you #Deutschland

Good morning,

Today, Germany’s new topographic photography with a plus, intimacy transmission and a model on the run…


Sören Schuhmacher for ASX comments on Gerry Johansson “Deutschland” exhibition at Swedish Photography, 2013:

EXHIBITION REVIEW – GERMANY: Gerry Johansson – “Deutschland” (2013)
“The exhibition “Deutschland” shows a cross section of German landscapes, industrial sites and buildings, residential streets, storefronts, urban and rural architecture. On the surface the different portrayed places might look similar, but in the deeper layers emerges their specific culture”.

While PHOTO-EYE blog introduces you to the work of Evan Baden:
Interview and Portfolios: Evan Baden
Technically Intimate centers around the attempt by young people to use those same communications devices to transmit intimacy to one another”.


on the run: ilva heitmann by thanassis krikis for madame germany april 2013
model: ilva heitmann (supreme)
photographer: thanassis krikis
stylist: natalie manchot
hair and make-up: hara papanikolaou (10artists)



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