04.05.13 digest mixes the #70s with #Paris and family recipes

Good morning,

It s a crowdy digest today, mostly focused on fine arts photography.
My picks? Nicole Akstein’s “Mother” as you might now I have a crush for contemporary family photography. And make sure you check the stunning interview Brad Elterman about L.A. In the 70s.


“Mother”, guest from FEATURE SHOOT explores the mother/daughter relationship and reflects on the dualities mother/woman, personal/universal… Thumb up!
Nicole Akstein’s Revealing Portraits of Her Mother

2 features from LIVE FAST MAG:
In Focus: 75 Parisiennes By Beaudoin
“75 Parisiennes” By Beaudoin displays 75 Parisian women in their apartments, portrayed over the course of 6 years and featured in major women magazines and newspapers. Also, a book is available for sale!

Interview Series: Brad Elterman
Remember when you could really feel the heart of rock & roll beating, walking down the Sunset Strip? I don’t. Most people who read this mag weren’t born in time to have lived and loved in 1970′s – I’m pretty sure all of them wish they did…”

On Photographie.com Alain Bizos, en toute liberté 2/2 blurs intelligently the border between artist, reporter and photographer. Just the way I like it, more conveying an experience rather than pure facts.

And your FASHION EDITORIAL of the day

until sunrise: karina t by angelo d’agostino for velour spring/summer 2013

“Until sunrise” spotted by VISUAL OPTIMISM matches what you expect from fashion photography in those sad and cloudy spring times!




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