04.08.13 digest – #fashion #eyecandy and #spygame for Monday’s breakfast

Good morning everyone,

Here is your daily digest delivered at your doorstep. May this coming week last as long as our new year’s resolutions!

high noon: maud welzen by boe marion for tush #5 spring 2013
Boe Marion takes you along for a visually perfect journey where the darkness won the game a long time ago.

haute couture: zuzanna bijoch by jeff bark for vogue ukraine april 2013
Photographer Jeffrey Bark embarks you for a very surrealistic journey through castles and gardens of the mind.

spy games: marleen gaasbeek by corrie bond for marie claire australia may 2013
Splendid and fun detective game played just for the sake of fashion.
It’s a cinematic editorial we have here!

Worth having a look… The 6th issue of LPV magazine is out and you will find it here Issue 6 – Letter from the Editor
But for now you can dive into this excerpt from LPV’s blog:
Kitai Kazuo, A Photographer Who Chooses a Side
“For a photographer from Japan’s celebrated generation of the 1960s and 70s, Kitai has had a relatively subdued reception in the West, and even, to some extent, in Japan. Still, that’s beginning to change; he was included in Martin Parr’s 2011 “Protest Box,” and a book of his early photographs (“Barricade,” designed by John Gossage) was published by the American bookseller Harper’s Books in 2012. Meanwhile, a career retrospective at Tokyo’s Metropolitan Museum of Photography, which just closed in January, will only help to raise his profile at home and abroad”.



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