04.09.13 digest – #cubs #nurses joining efforts to cook a #visualcandy (and more serious stuffs…)

Good morning,

Today’s pick: just cut all that crap and go watching the baby tigers!

Michael Wolf Captures the Unbelievably Dense Living Conditions of Hong Kong Residents

FEATURE SHOOT introduces some more work from Michael Wolf. You may have come across his photos of compressed people in the Tokyo’s metro. If you also are familiar with the 25 books Berlin blog, you should also know his work is highly favoured by one of the most influential German blogs about photo books. Just more reasons to look at it 😉

“Hong Kong, Wolf’s adopted city of fifteen years is home to seven million people and Wolf’s images ponder contemporary urban life in one of the most densely populated areas in the world”.

MANKIND No. 2 from HAMBURGER EYES, to have a look at.

Photographs by Alan Hunter Explore the Heinous Crimes of the Green River Killer
The story starts on FEATURE SHOOT (again) like this:
“Between July and mid-August of 1982 the bodies of 5 young women were found in a short stretch of Washington’s Green River, about 20 miles south of downtown Seattle. Wendy Coffield, Debra Bonner, Marcia Chapman, Cynthia Hinds, and Opal Mills were five of the Green River Killer’s first victims”.

It looks like the truly excellent Christian Patterson REDHEADED PECKERWOOD inspired some more people. I m a big fan of this trend mixing documentary and fiction. Just wishing to see some other topics covered than your regular “killing spree”.


That was all a bit dark wasn’t it? Well let’s have a look at something lighter now:

Just if you feel guilt at liking baby tigers, let’s just photograph pretty nurses along!
The pill will be easy to swallow 😉 On VISUAL OPTIMISM
carine on the pre-fall collections: kate upton, irina shayk, senait gidey, soo joo park and tilda lindstam by sebastian faena for harper’s bazaar australia may 2013


And remember:


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