04.12.13 digest – #finearts #photography for #b&w prosperity

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Spotted in the photo-eye blog
Dutch artist and photographer Popel Coumou produces images often characterized by grainy textures, stark contrasts and resonant fields of colour (…) Her abstractions result in images that stand out in visual memory, speaking with a clear and powerful postmodern visual language.
More at Popel Coumou

PHOTO-Eye gives you more info about this fascinating story and photo book
Book Review: A Period of Juvenile Prosperity
“If you hadn’t seen Mike Brodie’s photographs when they first made the internet rounds in 2008, they are hard to miss now with his new book titledA Period of Juvenile Prosperity and several exhibitions with the same name. The beautiful and romantic photographs of natty, if dirty, young vagabond train hoppers — cultural outsiders living a life of freedom most dare only fantasize about — are captivating”.

And this nice 11. April 2013 entry in from Thomas Babut in the very nice blogKwerfeldein (recommended)


VISUAL OPTIMISM found a dramatic set of poses in b&w:
the gentle woman: lina zhang by yin chao for harper’s bazaar china april 2013

And the teacher you always wanted to have…
Sarah Ruba Plays a Chic Teacher in Elle Mexico’s April Issue by Yossi Michaeli spotted in FASHION GONE ROGUE


http://www.art-eo.com (Trier – Fotografie)

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