04.15.13 digest #classicalbeauty and #modern #ugly

Good morning,

Today s digest ranges from classical beauty to modern ugliness.

Classical Byzantinum imagery and beauty meets high end fashion editorial deeds.
Vogue Italia : The Way of Bizantinum

Photographer: Marco D’Amico
Stylist: Marco Grisolia
Fashion Editor: Romina Toscano
Makeup&hair: Antonio Ciaramella
Model: Natasha @next model managment

PHOTO-EYE introduces us to another kind of family photography!
Interview: Jon Gaiman on Familiar Territory “For this series, Naiman photographed families with the farm animals they keep, but instead of making the portraits outside or in the barn, the creatures were invited into the family home.”

# 2. Is the second entry of top five about ugliness Artworks: “a terrible beauty is born”
Source: http://www.positive-magazine.com/architecture/2/
Is a brutal building and the article explains you why it is.


www.art-eo.com ( Trier – Fotografie )

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