04.17.13 digest – #summer #slowjournalism and faster news for #pulitzer


AAA editorials spotted in Fashion Copious depicts the summer we all deserve this year.
‘Tropico’ Kat Clark by Fabiola Zamora for 192 Magazine [Editorial]

Slow vs. Fast journalism

enri canaj – shadow in greece
Enri Canaj’s work in progress chooses to depict Greece on the long run instead of insisting on the crisis and features in Burn! For a splendid editorial.

“I have been working on this project since 2011. My work is still in progress. When others looks at those pictures I want them to feel respect and dignity for the subjects. Like I do.”

And a Pulitzer Prize shot featured in American Photo
Go Where It’s Hard To Shoot (That’s Where The Pulitzers Are)
At a time when the most respected press agencies invite journalist not to go in Syria, is will surely generate an interesting debate…

“The 2013 Pulitzer Prizes were announced this week, and it’s not a surprise that the winners for Breaking News and Feature photography are sourced exclusively from what was probably the world’s most dangerous place in 2013: Syria”.


http://www.art-eo.com ( Trier – Fotografie )

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