04.18.13 digest – #circus #bts #clacissism and a lot of bees. It’s #springtime !

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Iris Egbers Is Center Stage for Grazia UK April 2013 by Takahiro Ogawa | Fashion Gone Rogue: The Latest in Editorials and Campaigns

Cirque Du Style – Photographer Takahiro Ogawa and model Iris Egbers center stage for Grazia UK April 2013. Dressed by stylist Andrew Holden. Digg on for more!

The best way to understand what is at stake when producing an editorial shooting is to display an inch of “behind the scene” set. And when this is entirely part of e concept, it makes it thoughtful and outstanding:
quentin shih spotted in Fashionproduction.blogspot.com

MISC. for future archaeology

INTERVIEW: David Goldblatt – “Interview at Arles” (2006)
A priceless interview of the South African documentary photographer on ASX.
Do not hesitate to browse ASX website, it resourceful and a proper gold mine for anything related to what s considered “classic / legendary” or just very important in photography. Just the best class you can attend!

Didn’t I tell you it was spring?
IGNANT highlightsartist Jeroen Eisinga s work and it hurts…



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