04.19.13 digest – #women from #syria #latvia #estonia and #japan feature all on a splendid day for #photography blogs

Good morning,

There are days like this one where the blogging community comes up with tons of fancy things I d like to show you. I originally intended to display a bit of my own last shooting but frankly it would have been a very busy post. So feel free to go there on your own @ Http://www.behance.net/gallery/Love-Hate-relationship-(15-pictures)/8186721
I could also pick Walker Evans’s book everyone is buzzing about but I prefer to show you some less visible things that deserve a similar sort of attention. So here we go:

Fashion gone rogue features Naomi Nijboer as a Wallflower for Prestage #6 for a cinematic, mysterious and minimalistic editorial.
Naomi Nijboer is a Wallflower for Prestage #6

Portraits of an All-Female Fighting Unit of the Free Syrian Army spotted in the excellent featureshoot

While we can find this on the other side of the world:
Love Doll Factory on the photoeye.com website.
Interesting photo book about a love dolls factory comes in pink with a “highly enjoyable soft touch cover”.

Also in featureshoot, a feature of photographer and the idea of going in a completely unfamiliar country (language barrier and all sorts of cultural difference delights that could occur when a Japanese is meeting a Latvian for the first time). The result is intriguing, uncanny at time but visually interesting. Photography needs more of those initiatives.
Ayaka Yamamoto’s Portraits of Girls in Latvia and Estonia

To end-up on a lighter note, THE SARTORIALIST proposes you a few clues if you ever considered your pyjama as a key feature of your style.



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