04.22.13 digest with miss Wixson, Viviane Sassen and an extremist

Good morning,

Because Viviane Sassen is my very favorite fashion photographer and because Lindsey Wixson is my favorite model… Today’s focus will remain on those two!

I enjoy Viviane Sassen because she is a punk. She takes everything others have been building for years and destroy it with infinite class. She s a rule breaker, it s more than fashion, it is art and her book Parasomnia may achieve to convince you. But for now, digg in!
macadam princesses: cora emmanuel, lindsey wixson and ondria hardin by viviane sassen for m le monde 20th april 2013

Spotted elsewhere:

His editorial from matthieu belin featured in http://fashionproduction.blogspot.com

Or who gives you a nice occasion to discover the work from Antoine d’Agata:
Antoine d’Agata. Nóia

I, myself am not a huge fan but the man becomes increasingly popular both for his images and his methods. Very much Francis Bacon like.



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