05.08.13 digest – #pets #love #friendship and of course #nyclubbing for #fashionphotography


Today’s post shows animal affinities * 2 and some midnight urban beasts!

Amelia and Animal Affinity
Photographer Robin Schwartz took splendid photographs of Amelia over a period of one year with all different sorts of animals across the world… The result? This splendid portfolio not to be missed! Source: http://www.robinschwartz.net/


Talking about animals, Fubiz also featured this project called Friendship Between a Girl and Her Cat from photog Andy Prokh starring Katherine and LiLu Blue Royal Lada!
Source: http://www.photodom.com/member/Andy%20Prokh

And now back to the edgy fashion stuff, spotted on VISUAL OPTIMISM:
guy aroch presents a solid set, challenging posing and composition, a punk equivalent to photography where rules are broken for the sake of creativity!



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