05.21.13 digest – Back from #holidays with guess what? #b&w #fashion and photo essays

Good morning!

Back from the land of Spring wedding mazes, I prepared a heavy post for you today.
Now I see happy couples everywhere and I won t stand any cake for a while but it was a lot of fun! So back to business as usual with a book, a essay and a few fashion editorials demonstrating what color management means.

Photo-eye Book Review: Post Scriptum unfolds the 50 years career of Christer Strömholm, recipient of the Hasselblad award. It s black and white peculiar beauty where you do not expect it.

Marie Claire essays the “beauty of nudity” through Jocelyn Lee. I could not agree more…
tearsheet: Jocelyn Lee’s ‘Women Are Beautiful’ in Marie Claire (Taiwan)

And a few Fashion editorials:
bon voyage: femke oosterkamp by paul berends for elle netherlands june 2013 takes you by the hand for an asiatic voyage… More the backpacker type.

‘Hard Candy’ Candice Swanepoel by Sharif Hamza for Interview Germany June 2013 [Editorial] is surely hard to miss as appearing in about a dozen blog… Easy to understand why though. Candice is everywhere but usually in flat series not so appealing to me. Well here is something different!

There is this trend now where models are shot in suburbs, “almost showing it as it is” mastered previously by the likes of Vivianne Saessen and I am not going to complain about it if it looks like this: sloppy england: nell van hülst by claudia grassl for friday magazine #17

Finally, for color addicts, here is a masterpiece found at be a chameleon fit in anywhere be a rockstar stand out everywhere: xiao wen ju and yue ning by solve sundsbo for i-d summer 2013
It must be in resonance with the fair that just opened at my doorstep and that looks nothing like this… Maybe with a good model, make up and a few speedlights? I should give it a thought!




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