05.24.13 digest – from #fantasy to #reality through #tuna #thisisreal !!

Good morning,

No fashion today but a slow transition between soft fantasy and brutal reality.

FINALLY a proper book from Viktoria Sorochinski about Anna & Eve (http://peperoni-books.de/anna_eve0.html)
I Ma big fan of her work and regularly go for a visit on her personal website… And of course I just ordered the book!
I strongly advise you to do so!

Art Producers Speak: Kenji Aoki and a set showing how creative people can be through photography where “a picture s worth a thousand words”… Poor Tuna…
We emailed Art Buyers and Art Producers around the world asking them to submit names of established photographers who were keeping it fresh and up-and-comers who they are keeping their eye on. Thru A PHOTO EDITOR

To end this post with something a bit more down to earth: DAVID MOORE: “Pictures from the Real World” (2013) and a related excellent article from ASX DAVID MOORE: “Pictures from the Real World” (2013) – Since 2008, AMERICAN SUBURB X | Art, Photography and Culture that matters.



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