05,30.13 digest – quotations and #afghanistan

Good morning,

THE quotation from living legend Gregory Crewdson at The Process Of Making Pictures Is Connected To Failure:

“The whole process of making pictures is so deeply connected to failure. You have an expectation you have a dream of what your picture is going to be and then something always necessarily goes wrong.”


Manca Juvan – Unordinary Lives – Afghanistan | The PhotoBook introduces this promising book described in those terms:

“As a counter-balance to the ongoing images of the Afghan war, Manca Juvan provides the reader with an emotional alternative, perhaps at times only a little less dark. Her documentary photographic project of this ravaged region spans six years, from 2003 to 2009. Juvan’s investigation is segmented into the following sections: Forgotten, Threat, Privileged, Supporting, Living, Home and Unveiled”.

Sounds like I should put my hands on that book!



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