06.06.13 digest – is #lynch (as an adjective) and #summery

Good morning,

There is something a bit weird about today’s digest and I am not going to complain about it!
This said, a quick Happy birthday to Mareike!

Portraits Photographed Through Screens Look Both Nostalgic and Modern throws nostalgia into modernity on FEATURE SHOOT:

Young Photographer Constructs Coming of Age Tale With Her Contemporaries shorts staged pictures “a la David Lynch”. Fantastically disturbing!

AMERICAN PHOTO introduces you to fragments of a 1971 Paris:
Fragments of 1971 Paris, On View Today in New York

And finally, VISUAL OPTIMISM is here to remind you why is summer a good thing for you:
cuerpo de verano: sheila marquez by alvaro beamud cortes for s moda 1st june 2013



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