06.14.13 digest – #omg #fashion surrealism at its best… You got to love it!

Good morning!

You see! This is the precise reason why I do all this… When there s a whole surrealistic universe coming up out of the blue… Coherent and bloody point blank. I dive into this, I totally dive into this and if you want to know what I’d ideally do with all the needed resources available, then that d be something like this! So in case you did not get it… I Love it! 🙂
cruel summer: sindy by andrew soule for flare july 2013 make sure you check the whole series!

Yet something completely different and more atmospheric..
denim: nimue smit by annemarieke van drimmelen for exit spring/summer 2013

Then a photobook about Berlin… I can’t help but drawing a line between this one and Gerry Johansson’s DEUTSCHLAND. Visually very interesting and modern!
Raise the Bar in Photobook catalog blog.



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