06.20.13 digest – about #windows opened on #family #fashion and #grime …


Just a few days before holidays! Probably one of the last posts before a couple of weeks… I tried to make it a good one! 🙂
Here you go!

fusion tech: ilse de boer by bharat sikka for marie claire italia july 2013 is an editorial shoot published in Marie Claire and definitively a triple AAA borrowing visual codes from blade runners or Akira… We want more… We want more!

diana markosian – my father the stranger
“I was born in the wrong country, at the wrong time.

As the Soviet Union was falling apart, so was my family.

I have few memories of my father.”

Part of the fascination to photography is very often due to the fact that it opens a window to another world, sometimes beautiful, but also tragic or dramatic yet one we don’t know…
It particularly resonates to me when it comes to watch photos from someone willing to share a poignant part of his/her life… One of the best recent example being the recent release of books of the like of UNCLE CHARLIE (Book Reviews: Uncle Charlie), not so focusing on exotism and some foreign country cultural peculiar details but more on family and what oddity can one go through when it comes to familial interactions.

MY FATHER THE STRANGER kind of uses both of those visual codes but is rather well balanced and intriguing enough to spark more than curiosity. Please travel along!

On the other side of the world, Book Review: Boy Stories will introduce you to Johan Willner, dealing with childhood and early memories on a very differ manner.
Here, photos are sometimes staged sometimes documentary in order to reveal a completely different narrative form.

Finally, Isaac Blease – ‘Council Estate of Mind’ focuses on Welsh youth and U.K. grime music scene… Maybe another window opened to a world you don’t know?

I hope you will enjoy today picks!


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