07.21.13 digest it’s oh so #summer with some fotos from #Trier !


It’s been a while! Well it s holidays time isn t it?! Plus google reader shut down recently giving me a hard time to gather info from here and there. Which also means this blog might slow down for a little while.

I still had time to gather a few things here and there and made some myself that I wanted to share with you. You lucky dudes!

So here it goes!

Let s start with Patrick Romero whose b&w work stroke me… Chilly really
The guy is working for the film industry and has a self published book who ended up on my to buy list.
Website – http://PatrickRomero.tumblr.com/

IGNANT treats you with a Bingo project, a bit pathetic and pittoresque where people never seem to be happy… But very colourful and treated with some kind of humour!
Bingo Source: http://www.ignant.de/2013/07/10/bingo/

With this project, feature: Closer // Elinor Carucci instituteartist offers you a great family photography example. Beautiful and coherent!
Source: http://www.instituteartist.com/feature-Closer-Elinor-Carucci

Finally some fashion shots I saved aside for you!
Well these first one actually are mine. She s a friend of mine and never posed before… What do you think?? You’ll see more from this series pretty soon!


Número magazine features a very cool editorial, colourful contrasted and very coherent. I like and you can see more at fashion copious: ‘Pulsion’ Jac Jagaciak By Txema Yeste For Numéro No.145 August 2013 [Editorial]

And finally a rough one but no less impressive! In visual optimism: I like!
visual optimism; fashion editorials, shows, campaigns & more!: virginale: steffi soede by olivia bee for numéro #145 august 2013

Enjoy your holidays!


http://www.art-eo.com fotograf in Trier

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