Digest 07.26.13 – with explosions, high end #fashionphotography or simple shots in #iceland … In any case, a lot of #nude models (it’s important for marketing) :-S

Good morning everyone! Happy Friday!

It s a busy post today since I slow down. Hopefully you will enjoy those picks!
By the way I d love to hear what you think about the digest! I invite you to comment it at the bottom or through direct messages if you are shy; in the comment section or if you receive the digest by mail, through the web based version: https://arteodigest.wordpress.com

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Dynamic Photos of Exploding Idyllic Landscapes just because I am a boy and therefore enjoy exploding stuffs. Find more on the excellent feature shoot blog!

Sometimes blog calendars see to randomly synchronise to offer more pictures of a similar theme.
Now it’s time for Chadwick Tyler aesthetic. And who would complain? The first is nature based and enigmatic, while the second offers rough imagery. Judge for yourself! Both findable on Fashion copious.
‘Bodies Of Water’ by Chadwick Tyler for Victory Journal No.5 [Editorial]

Emily Baker & Codie Young by Chadwick Tyler

Gwen Lu Seduces for L’Officiel Singapore’s August 2013 Cover Shoot is mystical, full of aesthetic intelligence. (On visual optimism blog)

And I like mystical portraits more and more… This, below is one more I shot for Anna. She is barely recognisable but I like it. The setting is pretty simple and it illustrates a few lines of a mrs. Plath poem called fever 103, a slow state of recovery. You will find more by following my Facebook page (follow option available on the right column of this site).

It s a lot of work of course and it usually costs an arm to produce (make-up, logistic… Etc.) but the more I do it the more I progress. Ok but what for? Well… Someday I wish I could achieve something like this:
‘When Doves Cry’ Guinevere van Seenus by Txema Yeste for Numéro China No.31 August 2013 [Editorial] (once more on Fashion copious, in case you did not get it by now: it s a good blog!)

I highly encourage you to check this particular editorial shoot for NÚMERO China introduced today by FashionCopious. It has everything: variety, complexity, mastering and drives you to a Lynchian fashion world. That s the way! And I can t resist to paste another pic from that one:

DONE! Muhahaha I have complete powers over that blog!

Last but not least, some phone-o-graphy in Icelandic blue lagoon… So now you have no excuse: your camera is good enough!
Source: http://www.ignant.de/2013/07/24/iceland/



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