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5 major tips to take stunning pictures on holidays regardless the type of camera you own!

Good morning, It’s now time to conclude our Marrakech series and instead of unfolding a new set of photos I thought I could rather write something a bit different. I never really was focusing on technique when talking about those … Continue reading

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#marrakesh #photography set #bts part II

Good morning, This is part two of our post about Marrakech! Quick reminder, you will find the complete set at my Facebook page reachable through a link on the right part of the blog. Do you know why all houses … Continue reading

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#marrakech How to take pics of it? My personal view! #photography #aideladha

Good morning! Those of you who follow my Facebook page probably witnessed a heavy release of Marrakech photos very recently. I thought it would be funny to explain how and why I took those specific pictures and therefore give a … Continue reading

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10.28.2013 digest is about Eros, Thanatos and cute pets!

Good morning! It’s been a while huh?! I just was very busy, sick, away, tired and more. I wasn’t sleeping much though! I revamped my website (please give it a visit and why not feedback?, shot the city of … Continue reading

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