10.28.2013 digest is about Eros, Thanatos and cute pets!

Good morning!

It’s been a while huh?! I just was very busy, sick, away, tired and more. I wasn’t sleeping much though! I revamped my website (please give it a visit and why not feedback? www.art-eo.com), shot the city of Morocco and revamped my whole photography workflow but I guess you will only be able to see the result thru the next shootings.

I must say I was also complaining a lot about the volcano of photographers in The city of Trier where I live. 100.000 inhabitants and probably as much professional photographers with the following etiquette: Reportage, Hochzeit, Bild, Bearbeitung and other scary German words for the ones like me who do not shoot bikini pin-ups.

If, like I d like to believe, my bottom line lays within a sort of uniqueness (I didn’t say better, pay attention!), then I should just continue to do it the way I do and not adapt to step where others are doing better and where I’m not exactly feeling satisfied… And it goes through the redaction of this blog. So here we are!

To start with something tough, here is a photo I saved for a little while now… I do not exactly agree with the author’s point of view when it comes to censorship on Facebook, but there are plenty of other channels completely appropriate to share this kind of pictures, including his blog, including mine!
Happy Birthday Mr. Sobol
Source: http://blakeandrews.blogspot.com/2013/09/happy-birthday-mr-sobol.html

My second pick actually relates to the very first post of this blog where I introduced you to the stunning work of Kate McGwire. After the birth theme we therefore switch to Eros and Thanatos through those intriguing and weirdly sensual sculptures.

New Feather Sculptures by Kate MccGwire
Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/colossal/~3/mprgWBwRJic/

After dead birds, we can jump back to our lovely friend: the Human dude! Kwerfeldein, a German blog getting better and better presents an essay about this very job you and me would not exactly be willing to do…
“Die Bilder denken, glauben, handeln. Für mich ist Fotografie ein Weg, näher an die Transzendenz zu gelangen”.
So yes it’s about transcendence through the use of a camera…
Amador Rabal, Totengräber
Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Kwerfeldein-MartinGommel/~3/IFkBzVoqQvE/

Time now to discover a new talent! Why him? Because his photos depict a place that looks like the one where I grew up. Just that my friends at the time did not look a quarter as cool (sorry dudes!)

Travel as ultimate freedom…Aurélien Buttin
Source: http://www.positive-magazine.com/photography/travel-as-ultimate-freedom-aurelien-buttin/

To finish with a cute, sugar coated and populist note, this essay depicts animal hospitals and would satisfy your curiosity by answering the question “What the heck are they doing there?!”.
This essay remains nonetheless brilliant, poignant and intriguing. A must!
Source: http://www.positive-magazine.com/photography/animaly/

I hope this satisfied your appetite for new and curious things related to photography! And if like me you are still concerned about the flood of photographers in Trier, then you might just read this philosophical piece 😉
“How about the idea that there’s a flood of photographs, which, as some artists claim, makes one…”

With all the love, enjoy!


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