Top end portraiture and top end Fashion Nudes… What else?! #photography #vogue #portraits

Good morning everyone,

I have been gathering a handful of top end portraits for you the last few days.
As I read here and there within the blogosphere the past weeks:

Taking a photograph is easy, taking a great photograph is almost impossible.

So let’s focus on those who achieved to make the best portraits!

Now that they revealed Taylor Wessing winners, I thought that I should find a post doing a quick recap of what made it to the top selection… and here it is. Featured by Fubiz, the selection is very certainly flawless. No wonder for such a prestigious prize:
Taylor Wessing Photography Prize 2013

Feature Shoot people on their side focused on “selfies”. By the way did you know that the word entered the Oxford dictionary this year? Signs of changing times…
Nevertheless, the two projects below give a brilliant demonstration on how selfies can be creative!
Clever ‘Double-faced’ Portraits Use Simple Drawings to Distort Perception

Photographer Transforms Found Dolls Into Strange Self-Portraits

Finally TREATS! Wrote a post last week about the best of nudes in Vogue and offers a selection of about a hundred high end fashion nudes. NOT to be missed!!
Full of classics and contemporary shots, the best recap I ever came across online!
Follow the link:



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