03.26.14 Digest #back and blurring all those boundaries

Good morning! Long time no read 🙂

Art is what makes life more important than art” said a dude…
If you ve been reading the lines of this blog on a regular basis (which I totally doubt), you d be accustomed to the fact I’m in love with those projects blurring the boundaries of fashion, fine arts and reportage. Partly because those are titanium soldered “boxes” people have difficulties to mentally get rid of. There should not be a distinction and in fact if I push this way of thought through, I should not even talk about it… Fine arts / fashion / reportage…

In some rare occasions, one just creates this perfectly balanced precious alliance and I could keep on writing about the benefits it offers to the lucky viewer… Or I could just show you this and make you happy?

Digg in! ★ ‘Boarding Schools’ by Jamie Hawkesworth for Hot & Cool Magazine spotted on Fashion Copious.




Interestingly enough, the above mentioned balance isn’t only explored by fashion industry actors but also by artists or reporters. To make it more understandable, let’s simply group them under the banner of “editorial photographers”. Basically people not getting paid to shoot what they see but rather to shoot what they feel or what they want to feel.

I’ll never give you better advice than having a look at Rena Effendi’s body of work. I introduced her mesmerizing book called Liquid Land earlier in this blog. Liquid Land was a book paralleling her father’s passion for collecting butterflies and the nasty oil industry, all set up in the Azerbaijan’s death landscapes. She comes back now, and invites you to meet the people of “Transylvania, Romania”.

Follow the link: “Transylvania, Romania” Rena Effendi

Step by step, you mentally cruise with me in the regional express. Destination: workplace. One hour to kill? I keep on blogging!



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