08.23.13 Digest – is #morbid covered with #death and approved by David Lynch

Good morning,

Today’s post is morbid and David Lynch would probably approve it! There we go:

Follow the Leaders: A Corporate City in Ruins by Isaac Cordal presents an ambitious artwork as a “metaphor for the collapse of capitalism and the side effects of progress.”

Not a book for everyone, clearly… Patrick Burdenz photographs in Post-Mortem are “Powerful, excellent, morbid photos of dead people”.
Burdenz visual survey of the morgue gained critical acclaim and this article explains you why it s a good book: This Week In Photography Books – Patrik Budenz

The excellent Oitzarisme introduces you to the changing city of Shibati in Wang Yuanling – Eighteen Stairs: “The purpose of this collection is to pay a tribute to the unpredictable future with some shared memories of grassroots in this magnificent city”– Chongqing

Fashion Copius proposes you a triple A editorial shaped like a Lynchian nightmare. Somehow “refreshing”, it s good to come across things you have never seen before from time to time!
‘Love In All The Wrong Places’ by Steven Klein for W September 2013 [Editorial]



To end this post, let me introduce you to Lene with a few shots taken in a pub last week-end! What do you think? 😀






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