05.22.13 digest – FASHION IS AN ISLAND on photo manipulation, #photoshop craze and the very serious TIMES


Today’s post will be thoughtful, I promise!

But first, on the lighter side let me simply show you another editorial about fashion and suburbs. What was I underlying yesterday? It seems I was right. It’s a trend!
“Sun Showers” : Barbara Fialho (IMG Models) by Jeffery Jones for The Wild Magazine | Fashion Editorials | A Photographic Collection of Trending Fashion Magazine Editorials

On the other side of the Internet, last week crazed about this editorial I am just about to show you. Very probably because it is a good one… It appeared in at least 5 blogs from my blog roll and I was hesitating in pasting it here. That was before The Times got involved and wrote that small essay about image manipulation.

Lets put things back In context: each year, the world press photo award praises a bunch of highly qualified people for their work during the flowing year. Last year winner picture triggered a debate about photo manipulation, what is allowed and in which extent can we modify a “journalistic” entry. Times got this strict rule and would not accept any manipulated photo… But would this apply to fashion photography?
I do not use photoshop, partly because I like taking photos and love the attention required “on set” to make a photo look good, partly because such software is expensive, partly because the skill level required to master it and get something pro out of it is for me, for now, out of reach!
Most importantly I do not find it very fair. I enjoy much more making a photo, good enough for people not believing me when I tell them photoshop is not involved. So such debate is to me more than necessary and I hope it will act As a wake-up call.

I therefore strongly invite you to watch the very nice work series that follows:
‘Too Tough To Handle’ Julia Nobis & Fei Fei Sun by Craig McDean for T Style Travel Summer 2013 [Editorial]

But more importantly to quickly have a look at the following article from POPPHOTO regarding this same series: New York Times Fashion Spread Sparks Discussion on Photo Editing


I hope you will enjoy it!


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